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✍️ Content Lead (Brand, Acquisition & Growth)
I help grow revenue by helping create the best marketing and product experiences for our users, using words and other media. I also help keep our brand consistent across the board.🛠 I also love creating various things outside work
I've created short stories, podcasts, articles on marketing / fashion / culture, sketches, videos, graphics, video games, and published a book.

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Some personal projects

📚 Stories --- A collection of 21 short stories about love, loss, loneliness, and strange situations.
🎮 Town --- A video game I made in 2 weeks, using a no-code platform and pre-made assets. You can play it in your browser right now.
🎙 The In --- A podcast mini-series exploring how I went from zero marketing qualifications to a senior writer at a tech company. Search "the in brad ewin" in your podcast app to find it.
🗞 Content Righting --- A newsletter exploring how to do mid-to-senior weight content marketing "right".
🎙 Startup Fodder --- A podcast about non-founders in startups.
📖 Delightful Things --- An experiment in gratitude journalling.


🏆 GoCardless Champion award | Sep 2021
🏆 GoCardless Above & Beyond award | Oct 2020
🏆 Quora 5k+ viewership on content marketing guidance | Apr 2020
🏆 Quora Most Viewed Writer - Content Marketing | Jan 2020
🏆 Quora Most Viewed Writer - Content Strategy | Jan 2020