Hi, I'm Brad!

🤩 I love creating really great product and marketing experiences for users, with content.🤷 Because aren't we all tired of unclear landing pages? Confusing onboarding experiences? Products that should just be simple, but aren't?✍️ That's where content design comes in! I get to know the user, so I can make sure all that work product managers, designers, and engineers put in results in the easiest-to-understand and most-appealing offering possible.💰 All to help acquire more happy users, and ultimately grow revenue.

Awards + media

🏆 GoCardless Champion award | Sep 2021
🏆 GoCardless Above & Beyond award | Oct 2020
🏆 Quora 5k+ viewership on content marketing guidance | Apr 2020
🏆 Quora Most Viewed Writer - Content Marketing | Jan 2020
🏆 Quora Most Viewed Writer - Content Strategy | Jan 2020
🗞 Clear Brands Grow | Content Marketing Tips with Brad Ewin
🗞 Clear Brands Grow | Writing Tips with Brad Ewin
🗞 Cloud Stories podcast | 10 Tips to Write Better Content

I like creating things

Some personal projects

📝 Delightful Things – One cool thing every day (or thereabouts).📖 Stories – A collection of 21 short stories about love, loss, loneliness, and strange situations.🎮 Town – A video game I made in 2 weeks, using a no-code platform and pre-made assets. You can play it in your browser.🎙️ The In – A podcast mini-series exploring how I went from zero marketing qualifications to a senior writer at a tech company. Search "the in brad ewin" in your podcast app to find it.✉️ Content Righting – A newsletter exploring how to do mid-to-senior weight content marketing "right".🎙️ Startup Fodder – My first experiment with podcasting. This one's about non-founders in startups.

Things I rate

🌐 Carrd – Easily build great one-page websites. (I made this site using it.)✉️ Dense Discovery – A thoughtful weekly newsletter to feel inspired, be productive & think critically. (Their own words.)✉️ Marketing Examples – The only marketing newsletter I've found interesting and useful enough to remain subscribed to.✉️ Crypto-Gram – A monthly email digest of posts from Bruce Schneier’s 'Schneier on Security' blog. Super interesting, given how embedded our lives are in the digital space.

Drop me a line

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